Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

That depends on two things:

  1. The number of additional general education courses needed by the applicant, in addition to RN-BSN nursing courses; and
  2. The number of courses a student enrolls in each semester. 

How fast can I complete the degree?

Nursing courses can be completed in as few as three (3) semesters.  The summer session is included in the full-time curriculum plan.

Can I go part time?

Of course! You can complete the program part-time in 5 semesters by taking approximately 7 credits per semester.

Does Mercer offer academic scholarships for the RN-BSN students?

Due to the price-point of the RN-BSN Completion Track, there are no scholarships specific to RN-BSN students. However, there may be outside scholarships specific to this population. All nursing students have access to federal and state programs, if they complete the FAFSA. Students may also find outside scholarships from nursing organizations, employers, and community resources. 

Are there resources to aid with job placement?

The curriculum is designed so that specific courses will include career opportunities. There are no specific job placement strategies in place but faculty and advisors will guide you in identifying RN positions that are a good fit.

Do I need an active RN license to enroll?

Only RNs who are currently hold an unencumbered licensed in the state of Georgia can enroll in clinical coursework. Applicants with RN licensure and/or residency outside of the state of Georgia may be considered for admission on an individual basis in accordance with the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement.  Applicants currently enrolled in ADN programs may apply for provisional admission pending an active Georgia license. 

Are there any online courses? 

All courses are taught asynchronously online. Students attend a 1-day campus orientation upon entry to the RN-BSN Completion Track.  There are no classes during the orientation. 

How much interaction will I have with my instructors now that the program is entirely online?

Dedicated full-time nursing faculty teach all of the RN-BSN courses. You will meet the primary RN-BSN faculty members during orientation.  All RN-BSN students encouraged to communicate with faculty by email, phone or WebEx; on-campus visits are not expected for this online program of study but are available.  Faculty members are very responsive to students and they value the faculty/student relationship that is instrumental to the professional growth during the program.

Will I have an advisor with the new curriculum?

Each student is assigned an advisor who will work with them throughout the program.  Advisors serves as a mentor and support system to enrolled students. 

Does the new curriculum include clinical hours?

Yes, there are two clinical courses, NURN 402 Leadership in Nursing Practicum and NURN 404 Population and Global Health Practicum. Each course includes 45 hours of direct precepted learning with a BSN prepared RN. All clinical hours must be completed in the state of Georgia. Students are responsible for identifying potential preceptors under the guidance of faculty. This process is started a semester in advance.

My previous courses are 10 years old. Will I need to repeat them?

There is no such thing as a course that is too old. You will build on your prelicensure program, rather than repeat it. However, for required courses in which you earned D or F, a repeat of that course will be required.  Official transcripts of each previous college or university attended must be submitted with application for course transfers.

When can I begin?
Accepted RNs may begin coursework in the Fall Semester (August), Spring Semester (January), or Summer Semester (May). 

Will I need to be on campus?

All students are required to attend a 1-day campus orientation when they start the RN-BSN Completion Track.  All courses are taught asynchronously online, which allows the student to engage in online courses any time of the day or night.

Will I still be eligible for new residencies after I graduate? 

This is a question for the facilities recruiting for residency programs. Each residency program has it's own requirements as well as cohort start times in the year.

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