Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions regarding the Macon Campus Pre-Nursing*

1. Who receives priority for entry into Mercer nursing courses?

Priority for entry into Mercer nursing courses is given to the Mercer Macon Campus pre-nursing student.

2. Since the nursing courses are not currently offered in Macon, how can I best prepare myself for acceptance to the nursing program?

A current high school student should give strong consideration toward submission of an application to the Mercer Macon Campus pre-nursing program fall 2018 entry class. Students who meet admission criteria for Mercer have a high acceptance rate into the nursing program.  Mercer pre-nursing students who meet nursing admission criteria are given highest priority for acceptance into the nursing program. Apply NOW!

3. I am interested in applying to the Mercer University Macon Campus pre-nursing program as a freshman. Who should I contact if I have questions?

All interested freshman applicants should contact Mercer Macon Campus Undergraduate Admissions by e-mail: or by phone: (478) 301-2650 or 1-800-840-8577. Nursing education is in strong demand! Apply NOW!

4. What does it mean to be accepted to the Mercer University Macon Campus pre-nursing program?

Mercer University undergraduate freshmen students (Macon Campus), planning to pursue a career in nursing, are considered to be on the “pre-nursing track.” This enrollment designation is made to ensure students receive specific advising associated with requirements and protocols for a nursing career path. Students entering Mercer University (Macon Campus) are noted as pre-nursing (PNU). The PNU designation is not a major offered by Mercer University and there is no degree or certificate offered for successful completion of the PNU curriculum. However, completion of the Mercer Macon Campus pre-nursing curriculum, followed by acceptance and completion of the nursing curriculum plan at the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, leads to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

5. I have been accepted into the Mercer University pre-nursing program. If I meet the admission qualifications to enter nursing courses, can I apply to nursing?

Congratulations on your acceptance into Mercer University! Yes, pre-nursing Mercer University - Macon campus students may apply to directly to the nursing program. Mercer-Macon students, who are projected to complete all nursing prerequisites, may apply to the nursing program beginning in fall semester of sophomore year for junior year entry consideration.

6. If I am accepted to the Mercer University - Macon pre-nursing program, why am I required to apply to Georgia Baptist College of Nursing?

The College of Nursing adheres to admission criteria associated with success of program completion requirements. Therefore, only applicants who meet the admission criteria can be considered for entry into the nursing program.  Admission to the nursing program is highly competitive.  The College of Nursing "waives" the application fee for the "pre-nursing" Mercer-Macon student ONLY.

7. I understand Mercer has a Special Consideration Program for students who complete all necessary pre-requisites on the Macon Campus. When can I apply?

The Special Consideration Program is available for five different degree programs at Mercer. The nursing Special Consideration Prorgam is only available to Mercer Macon Campus pre-nursing students (PNU students). It is very important for students to understand participation requirements for this program.

8. I am a Mercer-Macon student who is not identified as "pre-nursing."  However, I meet the admission criteria and pre-requisite coursework.  Can I apply to the nursing program?

Yes, applications will not be limited to only Mercer students who are identified as "pre-nursing."  However, qualifying Mercer-Macon pre-nursing students will have priority for nursing admission.  It is anticipated that there will be seats available for other students.  Qualified Mercer students, who were originally seeking a major other than nursing, will be considered for admission. Please note:  The inability to transfer institutional aid towards financial support in the nursing program, as indicated in item #9 below, applies to all Mercer students receiving institutional scholarships / aid. Mercer applicants should also review items #10 and #11 below.

9. If I am a pre-nursing student currently receiving Mercer University academic scholarship/aid, will these same awards continue when I begin nursing courses?

Mercer University institutional scholarships/aid (such as presidential scholarships; Macon-based merit scholarships) are not continued when a student enters into the nursing program since they are not nursing-based scholarships. Mercer-based scholarships are associated with enrollment and coursework in other Mercer University degree programs, which do not include nursing. The nursing program offers select and highly-competitive scholarships to undergraduate nursing students. Accepted nursing students do not apply for nursing scholarships offered by the College of Nursing; award decisions are made by College administration, faculty, and Admission Staff. If a student receives scholarships, grants, or other aid (HOPE, Federal Pell Grant, etc), apart from Mercer aid, the student is strongly encouraged to ensure that this aid will convey towards expenses associated with nursing tuition and fees. Students and parents should give careful attention to this matter.

10. What is the tuition for nursing coursework?

The College of Nursing establishes a tuition rate specific for nursing degree programs. The tuition rate for undergraduate coursework is listed on the College of Nursing Website and in the 2017-2018 Catalog.

11. Once I am accepted into the nursing program, am I eligible to apply for nursing scholarships outside of Mercer and the nursing program?

Yes, following acceptance to the nursing program students can and should apply for outside scholarships. Due diligence regarding financial expenses is the student’s responsibility. If you are considering nursing as your major, begin searching now for financial aid to cover program costs. You should not assume that you will receive a scholarship from the College of Nursing or that you will be awarded assistance from the College for payment of tuition. Suggestions for financial aid support for nursing students include (but are not limited to) the following: hometown hospital scholarships, foundations, national organizations, etc. Consider reviewing these web site as your beginning search for financial support: After College, AACN, Mercer Macon Campus Financial Aid, Georgia Nurses Association, Georgia Scholarships, Additional Georgia Scholarships, Johnson & Johnson, Nurse Corp Scholarship Program, College Grants, etc. Nursing is a long-standing profession. There are numerous sources of support for nursing students. It is important to note that you are responsible for payment of your nursing education and that you are also responsible for seeking outside scholarships to support payment of your tuition and fees.

12. Do I still need to complete FAFSA and the Mercer Financial Aid Application each year?

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to complete both FAFSA and the Mercer Financial Aid applications by published deadlines. Both academic and most outside scholarship support often require these applications to be on file.

13. What type of undergraduate nursing degree will I earn at Mercer University?

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

14. Once I am accepted to the pre-nursing Mercer Macon Campus program of study, who is my resource for information and discussion concerning the nursing program?

The Pre-Health Professions Advisor in the Office of Academic and Advising serves as the primary nursing advisor for all pre-nursing students on the Macon campus. This advisor works closely with nursing admissions and the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program to support pre-nursing students.

15. When will you have more information regarding application information for transfer students who plan to apply to the nursing program for fall semester admission consideration?

Information related to transfer students seeking admission to the nursing program is available now.  Contact nursing admissions at 678-547-6700.

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