Nursing Curriculum

Curriculum Plan for Prelicensure BSN Track StudentsGraduate

Undergraduate prelicensure students enter the College of Nursing after completing preliminary coursework.  Following acceptance to the program, the new curriculum will require completion of the following courses. 
NOTE:  Students entering the traditional BSN track will be starting an updated curriculum plan beginning Fall 2020 semester: CLICK HERE for more information.

Junior Year - Level I
Fall Semester

NUR 301 EPNP Discipline of Professional Nursing 2 hrs
NUR 302 EPNP Foundations and Health Assessment 7 hrs
NUR 303 EPNP The Well Community 2 hrs
NUR 306 EPNP Human Pathophysiology & Pharmacological Principles 5 hrs
(Total semester credit hours = 16)

Spring Semester

NUR 304 EPNP Adult Health 8 hrs
NUR 307 EPNP The Older Adult 2 hrs
NUR 305 EPNP Mental Health 6 hrs
(Total semester credit hours = 16)

Senior Year - Level II
Fall Semester

NUR 400 EPNP Adult with High Acuity Needs 9 hrs
NUR 407 EPNP Maternal-Child Health 5 hrs
NUR 403 EPNP Nursing Research 3 hrs
(Total semester credit hours = 17)

Spring Semester

NUR 404 EPNP Leadership and Role Practicum 7 hrs
NUR 405 EPNP Infants and Children 5 hrs
NUR 406 EPNP Community at Risk 3 hrs
(Total semester credit hours = 15)

64 [Nursing credits] + 40 [Gen Ed credits] + 17 [Nursing core credits] =121 for BSN degree