Prelicensure Curriculum

Curriculum Plan for Undergraduate Prelicensure BSN Track Students
Curriculum plan below applies to traditional undergraduate students with expected completion date of May 2021


Course Number Title  Credit
NUR 301† EPNP: The Discipline of Professional Nursing 2
NUR 302 EPNP: Foundations and Health Assessment 7
NUR 303 EPNP: The Well Community 2
NUR 306 EPNP: Human Pathophysiology & Pharmacological Principles 5
16 Total
NUR 304 EPNP: Adult Health 8
NUR 307 EPNP: The Older Adult 2
NUR 305 EPNP: Mental Health 6
16 Total


Course Title  Credit
NUR 400 EPNP: Adult with High Acuity Needs 9
NUR 407 EPNP: Maternal-Child 5
NUR 403 EPNP: Nursing Research 3
17 Total
NUR 404 EPNP: Leadership & Role Practicum 7
NUR 405 EPNP: Infants and Children 5
NUR 406 EPNP: The Community at Risk 3
15 Total


† EPNP is a term incorporated from the American Association of College of Nursing (AACN) The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (2008).
Pre-requisites (freshman and sophomore years) should be completed prior to enrollment in nursing.
Refer to the 2019-2010 Catalog for prerequisites and course descriptions.
Graduation Requirements - 121 semester credit hours with 64 semester credit hours of nursing and 57 credit hours of general education.
Pre-nursing students enrolled at the Mercer Macon Campus in the College of Liberal Arts as freshmen will complete additional credit hours through UNV 101 and FYS courses.

For further information please contact us at: (678) 547-6700 or e-mail us at GBCN Admissions.