Transfer Student Information

Undergraduate studentsAll undergraduate students entering the prelicensure BSN Track program as transfer students and begin nursing coursework as Juniors. Preference for transfer student admission is given to Mercer University students who meet all admission criteria.

Although not required, interested high school students are strongly encouraged to complete their Freshman and Sophomore years at the Mercer University Macon Campus.  Students may apply for admission to Georgia Baptist College of Nursing during their Sophomore year at Mercer-Macon.  Following acceptance, students would transfer from the Macon campus to the Atlanta campus for Junior and Senior year nursing coursework. 

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Persons interested in applying as transfer students need to complete the prerequisite courses listed below to be eligible for consideration for admission.  These courses may be in progress at the time of application. 

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I (lecture and lab) 4 hrs
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (lecture and lab) 4 hrs
  • English Composition I 3 hrs
  • English Composition II 3 hrs 
  • Introduction to Psychology 3 hrs
  • Political Science or Economics 3 hrs
  • Introduction to Sociology Anthropology 3 hrs
  • Abnormal Psychology/Psychopathology 3 hrs
  • Statistics 3 hrs
  • Cultural Appreciation 3 hrs
  • Fundamentals of Microbiology 4 hrs
  • Nutrition 3 hrs
  • General Education Elective 3 hrs
  • Speech or Communications 3 hrs
  • Fine Arts/Humanities Elective 3 hrs
  • Philosophy or Ethics 3 hrs
  • Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan 3 hrs
  • Religion 3 hrs (NOTE: the relighion course may be waived in leiu of another course)

Please note: Completion of the prerequisites does not guarantee admission. Students planning to transfer should attend the most competitive college possible and earn excellent grades to increase the likelihood of admission.

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