Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice
with Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Full-Time Curriculum Plan

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Semester 1
Fall Semester

DNP 701        Introduction to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree  (1 hr)
DNP 702        Clinical Epidemiology  (3 hrs)
NUR 728        Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice (2 hrs)
NUR 603        Advanced Physiology / Pathophysiology (on campus)  (3 hrs)

Semester 2
Spring Semester

DNP 703        Population-Based Health (3 hrs)
DNP 705        Principles of Informatics & Financial Management in Healthcare (3 hrs)
NUR 723        Healthcare Policy and Systems Analysis (2 hrs)

Semester 3
Summer Semester

NUR 675        Statistics for the Behavioral and Clinical Sciences (synchronous online) (3 hrs)
NUR 810        Ethics in Healthcare and Research (2 hrs)
DNP 704        Population-Based Health Practicum [120 practicum hours] (2 hrs)

Semester 4
Fall Semester

NUR 602        Advanced Health Assessment (on campus) (3 hrs)
NUR 607        Advanced Pharmacology (synchronous) (3 hrs)
NUR 660        Management of Adult-Gerontology Health Problems in the Acute Care Settings I (synchronous) (5 hrs)

Semester 5
Spring Semester

NUR 661        Management of Adult-Gerontology Health Problems in the Acute Care Settings II (synchronous) (5 hrs)
NUR 663        Acute Care Practicum I [180 practicum hours] (3 hrs)
NUR 720        Clinical Scholarship & Evidence-Based Practice (4 hrs)

Semester 6
Summer Semester

NUR 668        Mgment of Adult-Gerontology Hlth Problems in the Acute Care Settings III (synchronous) (3 hrs)
NUR 664        Acute Care Practicum II [180 Practicum hours] (3 hrs)
NUR 726A     DNP Practicum [60 hours] (1 hr)

Semester 7
Fall Semester                                                                                

NUR 644        Role Transition & Issues for the Advanced Practice Nurse (on campus) (3 hrs)
NUR 667        Adult Care Practicum III [240 practicum hours] (4 hrs)
NUR 715        DNP Proposal Development (2 hrs)
NUR 726B     DNP Practicum [60 hours] (1 hr)

MSN Awarded at the End of Semester 7

Total Practicum Hours for AGACNP = 600*

*For practicum courses, the ratio of credit hours to clinical practice is 1:4. A student completing the MSN with this track will be prepared to meet requirements to take the certification examination under American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) specific specialties and American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) examination for Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

Semester 8
Spring Semester

DNP 706        Advancing Nursing Practice I  (2 hrs)
DNP 707        Outcomes Measurement, Data Analysis & Program Evaluation (2 hrs)
NUR 726C     DNP Practicum [120 hours] (2 hrs)

Semester 9
Summer Semester
NUR 712        DNP Leadership  (2 hrs)
DNP 708        Advancing Nursing Practice II  (2 hrs)
NUR 726D     DNP Practicum [60 hours] (1 hr)

DNP Awarded at the End of Semester 9

Total DNP Practicum hours = 420*
*For practicum courses, the ratio of credit hours to clinical practice hours is 1:4


BSN to DNP Total Hours with AGACNP track

Total Credit Hours:                 75
Total Practicum Hours:        1020 (MSN 600; DNP 420)

Updated: May 14, 2020