Nursing Education

Note:  This specialty will no longer be offered after December 2015

Advantages of a MSN in Nursing Education

The current and projected nursing faculty shortage impacts the nursing profession on a national level. This has created demand for faculty positions at all levels of nursing education. Both health care institutions and academic settings are seeking nurses prepared to educate current and future nurses at all levels of nursing education. Students completing this specialty are provided with the degree and coursework to support an academic appointment. Students interested in a focus in Nursing Education may complete the degree in four semesters of study. This specialty also provides the necessary education to support future doctoral coursework in nursing, which is considered the preferred degree for academic-based nurse educators.

MSN Curriculum Plan - Specialization in Nursing Education


Semester 1 (Fall)

NUR 600 (NED) - Clinical Learning Lab Teaching Practicum (1 hr)

NUR 602 (Core) - Advanced Health Assessment (3 hrs)

NUR 603 (Core) - Advanced Physiology / Pathophysiology (3 hrs)

NUR 607 (Core) - Advanced Pharmacology (3 hrs)

Semester 2 (Spring)

NUR 608 (Core) - Health Care Policy (2 hrs)

NUR 618 (Core) - Research Methods for Advanced Nursing Practice (4 hrs)

NUR 606 (NED) - Educational Theory and Curriculum Design (3 hrs)

NUR 611 (NED) - Instructional and Evaluation Strategies (3 hrs)

Semester 3 (Summer)

NUR 601 (Core) - Nursing Theory and Knowledge Development (2 hrs)

NUR 675 (Core) - Statistics for the Behavioral and Clinical Sciences (3 hrs)

NUR 616 (NED) -  Clinical Practicum for the Nurse Educator (3 hrs)

Semester 4 (Fall)

NUR 613 (NED) - Teaching Practicum & Role Development for the Nurse Educator (6 hrs)

NUR 620 (Core) - Capstone Clinical Project (2 hrs)


Note: 1 credit hour = 4 practice hours.  For practicum courses, the ratio of classroom to clinical practice is 1:4.  Beginning Fall Semester 2014, this plan includes a total of 360 hours of precepted clinical for the Nurse Educator.