Doctor of Nursing Practice Post Master's Curriculum Plan

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Post-Master's Curriculum Plan

Semester 1 (Fall Semester)

DNP 701  Introduction to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (1 hr)
DNP 702  Clinical Epidemiology (3 hrs)
DNP 721  Philosophical & Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice (3 hrs)

Semester 2 (Spring Semester)

DNP 703  Population-Based Health (3 hrs)
NUR 712  Leadership and Role Development (2 hrs)
NUR 720  Clinical Scholarship & Evidence-Based Practice (4 hrs)

Semester 3 (Summer Semester)

DNP 704  Population-Based Health Practicum (120 hrs variable credits) (2 hrs)
NUR 723  Healthcare Systems Analysis (2 hrs)
NUR 810  Ethics in Healthcare & Research (2 hrs)

Semester 4 (Fall Semester)

DNP 705  Principles of Informatics & Financial Management in Healthcare (3 hrs)
NUR 715  DNP Proposal Development (2 hrs)
NUR 726A  DNP Practicum II (variable credit) (1 hr)

Semester 5 (Spring Semester)

DNP 706  Advancing Nursing Practice I (2 hrs)
DNP 707  Outcomes Measurement, Data Analysis & Program Evaluation (2 hrs)
NUR 726B  DNP Practicum II (variable credit)  (3 hrs)

Semester 6 (Summer Semester)

DNP 708  Advancing Nursing Practice II (2 hrs)
NUR 726C  DNP Practicum III (variable credit) (3 hrs)


*For practicum courses, the ratio of credit hours to clinical practice is 1:4

DNP degree student desiring to enhance their curriculum with nursing education courses must declare this course of study at the time of acceptance to the program.