Rebeka Rivera 2014-15The College of Nursing will be well represented at the National level as two senior nursing students were elected to serve on the 2014-2015 

National Student Nurses Association Board of Directors.  Rebeka Rivera and Craig Reuscher, both rising seniors at Georgia Baptist College of Craig Reuscher 2014-15Nursing, were voted into office and installed at the 62nd NSNA Convention in Nashville.  Ms. Rivera will serve as secretary/treasurer, and Mr. Reuscher as director of the Southern Election Area. More than 3,000 students, speakers, faculty members, consultants and exhibitors participated in this year's Annual Convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. The convention featured leadership and career development activities, as well as opportunities to listen to renowned nursing leaders, hear about job opportunities and network with other students.



What do students expect when selecting their nursing program of study? Faculty at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing believe they expect a supportive, caring, and compassionate environment of learning, high level of resources to support their education, opportunities to expand their learning both globally and through research, and innovative technology to enhance their learning. Faculty also believe we meet these expectations on every level.

A few weeks ago, new students arrived to campus. With a 10.4% increase in overall enrollment from fall 2013 to fall 2014, the College of Nursing boasted the largest percentage increase in enrollment among all schools on the Atlanta campus.Some came to begin their study of nursing hoping to commence their professional careers in a few years, while others entered graduate coursework to advance their nursing career. What makes this school distinctive is plaiDean Streitn and simple; it's the experience! From the time of recruitment through their completion of study, each student is cultivated, nurtured, educated, and supported to reach their highest potential. We maintain the motto, 'if we admit you, we commit to you.' Undergraduate students have numerous opportunities to engage in professional leadership through student organizations. The College remains one of the few programs in Georgia and the southeast with 100% school enrollment in the National Student Nurses Association. Graduate students are mentored by faculty in coursework and faculty assist with arranging their clinical experiences with the brightest and most experienced clinical preceptors in the state of Georgia. The Ph.D. degree program was the fourth nursing research doctoral program in the state and it has grown to become the largest Ph.D. in nursing degree program.

Some of the highest compliments we could receive came from the graduating class of 2014. When students were asked on an exit survey if they could do it all over again, would they still pick Georgia Baptist College of Nursing as their number one choice, greater than 91% answered YES! When asked if they would recommend this program to others, greater than 95% responded, YES. When asked if they were confident in their ability to work as a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare team, greater than 97% responded, YES! The pride of our students and our alumni cannot be easily expressed in words. Yet, students and graduates most readily express their pride by their actions:excellence in care, innovative research, and leadership within the profession.

In summary, we are true to our mission: to excel in teaching, scholarship, leadership, practice, research, and service, while embracing the core values of the College. We are committed to our mission and we live by it each and every day. It's all part of the experience.

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Dr. Virginia Dare Domico, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, was appointed to the State Board of Nursing Home Administrators

Virginia Dare Domico

by Governor Nathan Deal. Her areas of clinical specialization include neuroscience, orthopedics and gerontology. She is involved in health promotion in the older adult, and her research is in the areas of osteoporosis and the quality of life of Alzheimer's caregivers.  Read more>  




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