Mission, Core Values, Vision and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing is to excel in teaching, scholarship, leadership, practice, research, and service, while embracing the core values of the College.

Core Values

  • Excellence — Diligent pursuit of distinction
  • Christian caring — To value and support all persons
  • Compassion — Response to suffering that motivates one to help
  • Civility — Respectful behavior toward others
  • Integrity — Steadfast adherence to honesty and fairness
  • Collaboration — Working cooperatively to achieve shared goals
  • Social responsibility — Commitment to act for the benefit of society

Vision Statement

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University will be nationally recognized for academic excellence and the development of professional nurses committed to scholarship, leadership, practice, research, and service.


  • Enroll and retain highly qualified students from diverse backgrounds for all degree programs.
  • Integrate liberal arts and sciences into nursing education to broaden intellectual capacity for engaging in innovative professional practice and making socially responsible contributions to the profession and health care.
  • Provide an environment which fosters student excellence in scholarship, interprofessional clinical practice, and leadership development.
  • Prepare students for a professional career that embraces lifelong learning, promotes health and quality of life, and contributes to the College, the profession, and society.
  • Recruit and support a highly qualified faculty and professional staff who embrace the vision and mission of the College.
  • Provide an academic environment which supports faculty excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.