Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the name of the student governing body at the College of Nursing and all enrolled students are automatically members. SGA serves as an umbrella for all recognized organizations of the College through its Executive Council, which is composed of four elected officers, three elected representative from each level (junior and senior), plus a representative from each recognized organization on campus. The Executive Council, through its monthly meetings, allocates funds to recognized organizations and maintains the treasury for each organization. SGA also serves as a clearinghouse for fundraisers and student activities.

2022-2023 Executive Council

  • President: Hieu Nguyen
  • Vice President: Madison Johnsa
  • Secretary: Mabry Brown
  • Treasurer: Jacqueline (Jackie) Weisman
  • Senior Representative: Kennedy Cauley
  • Senior Representative: Kaylie Cofield
    Senior Representative: Gabrielle (Gabby) Breaud
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Toni Higgins

    Thank you to student representatives serving on the 2021-2022 Executive Council:

    • President: Alexis Passmore
    • Vice President: Amisa Jiwani
    • Secretary: Anthony Cason
    • Treasurer: Jacquelyn Janssen
    • SGA/GBANS Liaison: Jeanna Speck
    • SGA Senior Representatives: Terrance Wynn and Jacobba Alu-Mensah
    • SGA Junior Representative(s): TBD
    • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Toni Higgins

      Thank you to student representatives serving on the 2020-2021 Executive Council

      • President: Caroline Durden
      • Vice President: Sarah Henderson
      • Secretary: Adayah Glymph
      • Treasurer: Richard Tran
      • SGA/GBANS Liaison: Erinn McGuire
      • SGA Senior Representative: Ariel Goodson, Taylor Gravitt, and Jaleighya Townsend
      • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Toni Higgins