Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students

Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students (GBANS) is the local chapter of the professional organization for nursing students. The College is proud of the participation of its students and encourages undergraduate students to become active members. By virtue of admission to the College of Nursing, all traditional prelicensure students are members of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and all affiliate state and regional organizations. Visit the GBANS Facebook page for more information.

Congratulations to Members of the 2023-2024 GBANS Board

  • President – Jessica Thomas
  • 1st Vice President – Lauren Bennett
  • 2nd Vice President – Alan Norsworthy
  • Secretary – Tylar Loiseau
  • Treasurer – Jacob Harrison
  • Fundraising Chair – Sharon Kim
  • Publication Chair – Abby Esslinger
  • Community Service Chair – Ansley Anglin
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Chair – Latisha Uzzell
  • Nominations & Elections Chair – Avani Patel
  • ABSN Representatives – Zachary Hogarth & Audrienne Thomas

Advisors:  Dr. Sonique Sailsman & Dr. Macy Mosher

Thank you for your service! 2022-23 GBANS Board

  • President – Kaylie Cofield
  • 1st Vice President – Taylor Martin
  • 2nd Vice President – Shawna Wilson
  • Secretary– Sophie Wofford
  • Treasurer – Kathryn Hoersting
  • Nominations and Elections Chair – Roshni Patel
  • Publications Chair – Kennedy Cauley
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Chair – Keyona Mills

Advisor:  Dr. Sonique Sailsman
GBANS Bylaws January 2022 FINAL

2021-22 GBANS Board

  • President: Brooke Taylor
  • 1st Vice President: Ghadeer Arman
  • 2nd Vice President: TaNia Vaughn
  • Secretary: Priya Lokasundaram
  • Treasurer: Victoria McDougall
  • Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN): Cameron Hairston and Erika Perez
  • Community Service: Ayanna Reid and Terrance Wynn
  • Fundraising: Ashley Dang
  • Membership Involvement: Anthony Cason
  • Nominations and Election Committee Director: Hawa (Rose) Nisbet
  • Publications (Webmaster): Kristen Wilder
  • Public Relations Director: Susie Yang
  • SGA Representative: Jeanna Speck
  • Senior Representative: Katelyn Yeakley
  • Junior Representatives: Roschni Patel and Sophie Wofford
  • ABSN Representatives: Jennifer Campbell and Brooke Miller

Advisor:  Dr. Sonique Sailsman

2020-21 GBANS Board

  • President: Marissa Shearer
  • First Vice President: Sarah Peterson
  • Second Vice President: Emma Miller
  • Secretary: Dana Chen
  • Treasurer: Chekisha Watson
  • Public Relations: Perrie Gooden
  • Fundraising: Liz Asmeron and Pamela Johnson
  • Legislative: Chiara Dwier and Wendy Miller
  • Community Service: Sarah Henderson and Kianna Sanders
  • Senior Representative: Haley Goff
  • Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC): Cindy Le
  • SGA Representative:  Erinn McGuirre
  • Director of Membership Involvement: Caroline Durden
  • Breakthrough to Nursing: Lauren Denault and Courtney Kelly
  • Webmaster: Janice Lee

NSNA Elected Officer for 2020-2021: Jayleigha Townsend (Breakthrough to Nursing Director)
Advisor: Professor Grace Lewis

2019-20 GBANS Board

  • President: Emily George
  • First Vice President: Mandi Rae
  • Second Vice President: Kristen Hales
  • Secretary: Preeti Rao
  • Treasurer: Emily Cmiel
  • Public Relations: Perrie Gooden
  • Fundraising: Ayn Remillard an Marthalynn Rodriguez
  • Legislative: Christine Lee and Divya Choudhary
  • Community Service: Destiny Wallace and Maite Muianga
  • Senior Representative: Allison Piltz
  • Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC): Aryelle Richards
  • SGA Representative:  Kelly Hudson
  • Director of Membership Involvement: Mackenna Kohler
  • Breakthrough to Nursing: Deriyana Irving an Osahenrumwen Osagie

2020-21 GANS Officers

  • First Vice President
    Ghadeer Arman, GBCN at Mercer University

  • Secretary
    Brooke Taylor, GBCN at Mercer University

  • Community Health Director
    Cindy Nguyen, GBCN at Mercer University

2019-20 GANS Officers

  • Second Vice President: Emma Miller
  • Secretary: Zhinea Thomas
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Perrie Gooden
  • Community Health Director: Kianna Sanders
  • West District Director: Dana Chen

2018-19 GBANS Board

  • President: Jordan Bell
  • First Vice President: Danielle Richey
  • Second Vice President: Ariel Johnson
  • Secretary: Sadaf Gillani
  • Treasurer: Meredith Riski
  • Public Relations: Hannah Dean
  • Fundraising: Allison Atchison and Paige Brodnax
  • Legislative: Emma Elrod and Johannah Silvius
  • Community Service: Sarah Courtney and McKenzie Coleman
  • Senior Class Rep: Emily Russell
  • NEC Director: Emily Dambrin
  • SGA Representative: Tyshawna Cooke
  • Director of Membership Involvement: Mica David
  • Breakthrough to Nursing: Co-directors Benita Bowden and Lady Marin-Arbelaez
  • Webmaster: Kalindi Patel

2017-18 GBANS Board

  • President: Morgan Stanley
  • First Vice President: Ray Greer
  • Second Vice President: Joy Gray-Clayton
  • Secretary: Molly Bracknell
  • Treasurer: Avery Kemp
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Yoldine Valery
  • NEC Director: Victoria Collins
  • Public Relations Director: Julia Whitaker
  • Community Service Directors: Kristen Fields & Erica Franklin
  • Legislative Directors: Rebecca Sukumar & Katherine Tak
  • Fundraising Directors: Merritt Tate & Teressa Hill
  • Membership: Janay Gonzalez
  • Senior Class Representative: (unfilled)
  • Junior Class Representatives: Emily Russell and Emily Hiebert Dambrin
  • SGA Rep: Nicholas Reynolds
  • Webmaster: Sydney Morfoot

2016-17 GANS Board

  • Secretary: Lacey Evans
  • Community Health Director: Julia Weng
  • Legislative Director: Whitaker Ashlea
  • West District Director: Emily Thompson
  • NEC West: Victoria Collins