DNP Scholarly Projects


  • Violette Alsaka – Development of a Standardized Treatment Protocol for Anxiety and Depression in Post-Amputee Patients
  • Jasmine Ellington – Implementation of a Health Literacy Screening Tool: A Systems Approach
  • Jenivieve Mediavilla – Structured Counseling Education to Increase Knowledge and Uptake Intentions of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) in Young Women with a High School Education
  • Gloria Osei – The Effect of Lifestyle Modification on HA1C Using the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)
  • Kayla Rhodes – Promoting Confidence in Inpatient Nurses by Teaching De-Escalation Techniques to Deal with Verbal Abuse from Patients and/or Family
  • Tuyet Rodgers – Improving Oral Care in Low-Income Families
  • Taraneh Saheb – The Effect of Mindful Meditation on Reducing Stress Anxiety, and Depression and Increasing Mindful Awareness Among Nurses on a Medical Surgical Unit
  • Artiss Twibell – Patient Education and Fall Prevention
  • G’vanni Whyte – Encouraging Providers to Offer Advanced Prescriptions for Emergency Contraceptive


  • Ugomma Abanukam – The Incorporation of Telehealth for Diabetes Management
  • Abigail Bernard – Improving Hepatitis C Knowledge Through the Development of Appropriate Health Literacy Educational Material
  • Marion C. Coleman – Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Uptake in the Primary Care Setting
  • Tram Do – The Effect of Phone Apps on Medication Compliance for Hypertensive Patients
  • Etsegenet G. Endale – Providing Education on Shared Medical Appointments to Manage Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Marie Jones – Using Telehealth Contacts to Promote Treatment Compliance in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
  • Quinita Martin – Death by Pregnancy: Improving Black Maternal Health
  • Van Nguyen – Tailored Patient Education in Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Population
  • Emily Thompson – Daily Electrode Change Including Skin Preparation: Interventions to Decrease Alarm Fatigue in Neuro ICU Nurses
  • Elisha Tribble – A Multidisciplinary Collaboration to Reduce Vaping in Adolescents
  • Erica Willems – Paddleboarding to Combat Compassion Fatigue


  • Ray Coleen Campbell – Creating a Mobility Conscious Hospital Culture
  • Mary Jeanette Draucek – Providing an Educational Program with Utilization of a Resource Toolbox to Increase Awareness for HCV Screening and Testing in Rural Primary Care Settings in Georgia
  • Leslie Ann Shepard – Bridging the Gap Between Health Literacy and Optimal Health Outcomes
  • Kimberly L. Singleton – Evidenced-based Education on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide among First Responders


  • Addison Price Dodge – The Effects of Purposeful Rounding on Fall Rates and Patient Perception of Staff Responsiveness
  • Judith Amghorkai Abbey Glover – The Use and Implementation of Music Listening as a Nonpharmacologic Intervention for Orthopedic Surgery Patients
  • Heather Elaine Grafton – Improving HPV Provider Knowledge and Adolescent Vaccination Rates
  • Heather Marie Haff – An Evaluation of the Geriatric Resource Nurse Program Across a Hospital System
  • Rachael Marie Hawkins – Human Trafficking Screening Tool and Algorithm Implementation for Emergency Department Advanced Practice Practitioners
  • Megan Nicole Ivester – Transitional Care of Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Assessment of Readiness and Intentional Intervention
  • Cashmere Monique Miller – Improving the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care
  • Rebecca Helen O’Grady – Early Mobilization of the Mechanically Ventilated ICU Patient: A Feasibility Study
  • Tashoy Madreka Wallace – Implementation of a Multimodal Analgesic Guideline to Treat Post-Operative Pain
  • Shayla Alyce Weaver – Implementing Purposeful Hourly Rounding on the Medical-Surgical Unit to Increase HCAHPS Nursing Staff Responsiveness Scores
  • Shawna Ann Wright – Rounding Tool Implementation to Improve Nurse-Provider Communication in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit


  • Melissa L. Hallman – Implementing Pause Rounding to Improve Communication in a Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU
  • Nicole R. Masano – Educational Program for Obstetric Nurses: How to Effectively Screen for Intimate Partner Violence
  • Maureen E. Newton – Nurse Practitioner Led Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Alexandra L. Ruiz – Using Educational Strategies to Promote the Vaccine in Pregnant Women
  • Lorrie Stewart – Autism Education and Family Practice Nurse Practitioners
  • Amy Thompson – Decreasing Stroke Risk in Older Adults Through Group-Based Education


  • Stephanie Bennett – Implementation of Diabetic Group Medical Visits in an Underserved Population
  • Camille Brockett-Walker – Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Mentorship and Transition to Practice Program
  • Barbara Conlon – The Effect of Group Patient Education on Knowledge and Blood Pressure Control in Patients with Hypertension
  • Patrice Little – Georgia’s APRNs Join Forces to Speak with One Voice
  • Melanie Ray – Implementation of an Assess, Treat, and Diagnose (ATD) process for Non-Emergent Patients to Improve Throughout in the Emergency Department
  • Donette Todd – Education of African Americans to Control Hypertension by Incorporating Lifestyle Management
  • Kimberly Whitlock – Improving Medication Adherence in Patients After Liver Transplantation: Motivational Interviewing with Nurse Practitioners


  • Heather Whitlock Ayers – Adolescent Suicide Assessment-Education Initiative
  • Tonisha Melvin – Nursing Health and Fitness: A Lifestyle Intervention for Overweight and Obese Young to Middle-Aged Nurses Using Health-Related Technology
  • Rhonda Moore – Creating a Mentoring Program for Minority Nurse Leaders: A Career Strategy Plan
  • 2016 Scholarly Projects
  • Karman Ott – Developing and Validating an Evidence Based Supplemental Prenatal Guideline for Refugee Women


  • Marietta Lomboy – Implementation of Hypertension Self-Management Education in Primary Care Advanced Nursing Practice Based on the Evaluation of Hypertension Knowledge
  • Rebecca Weidler – Improving Patient Flow in the Emergency Department: Redesign and Evaluation of a Nurse Greeter Role


  • Lisa Cranwell-Bruce – Web-based Training for Camp Nurses: Implementation and Evaluation
  • Sandra Leonard – Improving Cranwell Vaccination Rates: An Evaluation of a School-Based Health Services Staff Educational Intervention
  • Melissa Parente – Practice Changes in Pain Management to Optimize the Use and Outcomes of Narcotic Agreements
  • Renice Washington – Use of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program to Enhance Self-Care Among Registered Nurses in an Acute Care Setting


  • Sherry Castleberry Rowe – Improving Medication Reconciliation through the Application of Meaningful Use Criteria
  • Ramel Moore – Identifying Prodomal Schizophrenia: Factors Influencing Nurse Practitioners’ Screening Practices in Pediatric Settings
  • Traci Bramlett – New Start: A Family-Based Educational Program for a Predominantly Hispanic Pediatric Practice


  • Tracy English – Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to the Use of Palliative Care in a Faith-Based African American Community: Tool Development
  • Lisa Jasper – A Survey of Hospitalized Patients’ Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Participation in Safety-Related Behaviors: A Quality Improvement Project
  • Sandra Lamb – Deficits in Screening, Identifying Risk Factors, and Diagnosing Osteoporosis
  • Lisa Robinson – Beliefs about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Medication Adherence Among Rural Adults with Hypercholesterolemia
  • Antoinette Ward – Exploring Diabetes Self-Management Practices of persons with Type 2 Diabetes in the Emergency Department Setting