Faculty and Staff

Nursing Faculty and Administration

Clinical Assistant Professor and Traditional BSN Coordinator

Interim Dean/Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Clinical Assistant Professor and Graduate Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Emma El-Shami

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Instructor and Contract and Clinical Placement Coordinator

Professor and Piedmont Healthcare Endowed Chair

Dr. Mitzie Reagan

Clinical Assistant Professor and Acute Care Lead

Associate Professor and Nurse Practitioner Coordinator

Professor and Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program

Clinical Assistant Professor and RN-BSN Coordinator

Clinical Assistant Professor and Doctor of Nursing Practice Coordinator

Dr. Judy Thigpen

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Christine Wyers



Jordan Kelly, Director of Admissions
Michelle A. Nurse, Assistant Director of Admissions
Lyric Ford, Admissions Counselor
Azia Richardson-Williams, Admissions Specialist

Staff Members

Miguel Muirhead, Instructional Design Specialist
Angela Mayers-Williams, Credentialing Coordinator
Judy Mosteller, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Elisa Turner, Credentialing Coordinator

Director of Development

Paul McClendon

Dean Emerita

Dr. Susan Gunby