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The purpose of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing’s Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing program is to develop nurse scholars for careers in education, practice, and research. Graduates of the program will advance nursing knowledge, improve nursing practice, and be leaders in the profession.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Nursing program will be able to:

  • Develop expertise in an area of inquiry
  • Make meaningful contributions to nursing knowledge through original research
  • Advance the discipline of nursing through inter-, intra-, or trans-disciplinary research, teaching, mentorship, and/or service to the profession
  • Demonstrate leadership within the evolving health care landscape of diversity, health equity, and inclusivity.

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Program Format

The Ph.D. in Nursing is offered as a distance learning program. Admission and enrollment in distance learning programs depend on the state laws where the student resides.

Georgia is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). This is an agreement among member states that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offerings of distance learning.

Individuals who are interested in the Ph.D. and who reside outside the state of Georgia may contact Director of Admissions Janda Anderson at for more information about state authorization or exemption for students applying from your state.

Mercer University may not be able to offer the Ph.D. to students who reside in some states.

Ph.D. Admissions Requirements

Ph.D. in Nursing

Program Details

Curriculum Plan

Our preferred curriculum plan involves full-time study. Students are admitted once a year and begin coursework during the fall semester.

Course Descriptions

Our courses are designed to help you develop expertise, make meaningful contributions to nursing, advance the nursing discipline, and develop leadership skills.

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Jonas Scholars

The Jonas Nurse Scholars program supports educational development of new nursing faculty and stimulates models for joint faculty appointments between schools of nursing and clinical affiliates.

Graduate Statistics

Whether you want to enter one of our doctoral programs or attend another college, often a recent graduate-level statistics course is required. Students who are accepted into one of the nursing doctoral programs are automatically considered for placement in our graduate statistics course. Learn more about the statistical course requirement for graduate students.

Loan Program

Mercer University is pleased to receive Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funding through the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). This funding is available to qualified nursing students enrolled in graduate education which includes coursework in nursing education. Funding can be applied towards tuition and fees. Applicants interested in this option are encouraged to contact Dr. Tammy Barbe, associate dean for graduate programs, at (678) 547-6741 or