Nursing Learning LabThe Admissions Office at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University processes undergraduate and graduate nursing applications. The Admissions Office can be contacted at (678) 547-6700 or by emailing To submit a request for more information click here. Online applications are available for the undergraduate program, the master's program, as well as the doctoral programs.  Choose the program below that corresponds with your area of study.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The College of Nursing processes all applications for nursing degree programs but not pre-nursing. Only students who have met criteria for admission to nursing are encouraged to apply.  Mercer pre-nursing is offered on the Mercer-Macon campus, and students enter this course of study through the College of Liberal Arts. Applicants interested in applying to the pre-nursing program on the Macon campus must apply through Undergraduate Admissions on the main campus in Macon. 

Undergraduate Nursing Application

This application is intended for prospective students seeking to obtain coursework necessary to become a registered nurse. (This program is referred to as the prelicensure track) Use the links below for more information.

Application Deadlines for pre-licensure BSN degree program:
April 1 for priority deadline and international student deadline
May 1 final deadline for students who are not international students (space available)
*note -- the final deadline has been extended to May 15th on a space available basis. ALL documents must be received by May 15th!*

Essential Requirements for completion of Prelicensure Baccalaureate Nursing ProgramGraduation

The following essential requirements explain attributes necessary to complete the prelicensure baccalaureate educational program in Nursing. These standards describe the non-academic qualifications required in addition to academic qualifications that GBCN considers essential for entrance to, continuation in, and graduation from its nursing degree program. Candidates for a nursing degree must be able to meet these minimum essential skills with or without reasonable accommodation for successful completion of degree requirements.  

RN-BSN Completion Track

The College of Nursing is accepting applications for Fall Semester 2015 for the RN-BSN Completion Track.  The RN-BSN curriculum includes a three semester sequence for full-time students and a five semester sequence for part-time students.  Students may begin coursework fall semester (August) 2015 or spring semester (January) 2016.  

Accepted RN-BSN students attend a mandatory 2-day campus orientation at the beginning of their coursework with all subsequent classes delivered asynchronously online. 

RN-BSN Applicants must have a valid Georgia nursing license and the ability to complete clinical experiences in Georgia.

Deadlines for RN-BSN Applications:

The  application deadlines for Fall 2015 are:

Priority deadline:  June 1, 2015

Final deadline:  July 15, 2015

ALL documents must be received by the deadline date. 

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree

This degree program is appropriate for registered nurses licensed to practice in Georgia who have earned a baccalaureate nursing degree and want to obtain a master of science in nursing degree.  Atlanta Campus

  • Admission Criteria   (MSN students are considered for admission for fall full time and spring and summer part time.)

Areas of specialty include:

Admission to the Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Nurse Educator areas of specialty has been suspended for 2015-16. 


Complete an application and submit references.  Use this link to send an online (automated)  form to your reference person, or print our reference form  to send to references.  Printed forms may be submitted by mail or by fax.   References should be sent by the individual writing the reference.

To send by mail:  Nursing Admissions, 3001 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA  30341

To fax:  Nursing Admissions, 678-547-6794

Application Deadlines for MSN degree program

The application deadline for part time Spring Semester 2015 entry - October 1 priority deadline and international student deadline; November 1 final deadline (space available).

The application deadline for part time Summer Semester 2015 entry - March 1 final deadline and international student deadline.

The application deadline for part time or full time Fall Semester 2015 entry - March 1 priority deadline and international student deadline; May 1 final deadline (space available).


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program is a post-master's program, intended for licensed professional registered nurses with an earned master's degree in nursing. The College of Nursing accepts DNP applications for the fall term and only Georgia residents are admitted to the DNP program. 

To receive more information about the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, click here

Application Deadlines for DNP degree program

The application deadline for Fall Semester 2015:

  • March 1 priority deadline
  • April 1 final deadline (space available).

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) program

This application is intended for licensed professional registered nurses with an earned master's degree in nursing who wish to obtain coursework in a doctor of philosophy in nursing program. 

Application Deadlines for PhD in Nursing

The application deadline for Fall Semester 2015:
  • March 1 priority deadline
  • April 1 final deadline (space available).