Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Administration

Suzanne Applegate, Clinical Assistant Professor   MercerSpire4-M

Tammy Barbe, Assistant Professor

Linda Mason Barber, Assistant Professor

Mary Beerman, Clinical Assistant Professor

Lanell Bellury,  Associate Professor

Tara Bertulfo, Clinical Instructor

Lana Chase, Clinical Assistant Professor

Desiree Mullis Clement, Clinical Instructor

Dare Domico, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Sharon Dormire, Visiting Associate Professor

Susan Estes, Clinical Associate Professor

Susan S. Gunby, Professor

Elaine C. Harris, Clinical Associate Professor

Helen F. Hodges, Professor and Coordinator of RN-BSN Completion Track

Sarah Holden, Clinical Instructor

Fran E. Kamp, Clinical Associate Professor

Laura Kimble, Professor and Piedmont Healthcare Endowed Chair in Nursing

Grace Lewis, Clinical Associate Professor

Karen Maxwell, Clinical Assistant Professor

Sarah Mitchell, Clinical Associate Professor

Freida Fuller Payne, Professor and Family Nurse Practitioner Coordinator

Dianne Preissler, Clinical Associate Professor

Jill K. Ray, Clinical Assistant Professor

Brenda Rowe, Associate Professor

Cindy Rubenstein, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program

Kelli P. Shugart, Clinical Associate Professor

Linda A. Streit, Dean and Professor

Tanya Sudia-Robinson, Professor

Patricia J. Troyan, Associate Professor 

Adjunct Faculty

Laura DeMars

Kay Lynn Olmsted

Admissions Staff

Lynn Vines, Director of Admissions

Laura A. Ellison,  Associate Director of Admissions

Rena Taylor,  Admissions Counselor

Hiwote Woldesellassie, Admissions Specialist

Professional and Support Staff

Judy Mosteller, Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Debra Bailey, Administrative Secretary - Undergraduate Program

Tonya Flemons, Administrative Secretary - Graduate Programs

Faculty Emeritae

Shirley R. Rawlins, RN, ACNS-BC, DSN

Jean Chouvardas, RN, MS

Elizabeth Perry, MS (deceased January 2002)

Sandra K. Rayburn, RN, PhD