Curriculum Plan

Welcome to the Ph.D. degree program at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University!  In Fall Semester 2009, the College of Nursing accepted the inaugural Ph.D. class and now is the largest Ph.D. (nursing) in Georgia. The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy i(Ph.D.) program at Mercer University is to develop nurse scholars for careers in education, practice, and research. Graduates of the program will advance nursing knowledge, improve nursing practice, and be leaders in the profession. Georgia Baptist College of Nursing  Ph.D. graduates are prepared to

  1. Develop advanced expertise in the application of theories and conceptual models to nursing education, practice, and research.
  2. Conduct research that advances nursing knowledge.
  3. Evaluate the influences of ethical, social, political, demographic, and economic issues on health care and nursing.
  4. Assume leadership roles in education, practice, and research to improve health care.

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Admission Criteria and Process
Students are admitted once a year to begin coursework in the Fall Semester.

The preferred curriculum plan involves continuous semesters of study.  A sample full-time curriculum plan is provided below.  A part-time plan of study may be developed on a limited basis for students if approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs. The Ph.D. curriculum plan starts fall semester only.

Curriculum Plan

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.)
Cognate: Education

Full Time Curriculum Listing

Part Time Curriculum Listing



Semester 1 (Fall)

  • NUR 806 Qualitative Research in Nursing, Education, and Healthcare  (3 hrs)
  • NUR 823 Applied Statistics and Measurement I (3 hrs)
  • NUR 825 Philosophical Influences on Nursing Science (3 hrs)

Semester 2 (Spring)

  • NUR 805 Quantitative Research in Nursing, Education and Healthcare (3 hrs)
  • NUR 824 Applied Statistics and Measurement II (3 hrs)
  • NUR 826 Knowledge and Theory Development in Nursing (3 hrs)

Semester 3 (Summer)

  • NUR 809 Mixed Methods Research in Nursing, Education, and Healthcare (3 hrs)
  • NUR 810 Ethics in Healthcare and Research (2 hrs)
  • NUR 816 Foundations of Nursing Education (3 hrs)


Semester 4 (Fall)

  • NUR 817 Nursing Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation (3 hrs)
  • NUR 827 Dissertation Proposal Development (2 hrs)
  • NUR 828 Advanced Data Management in Research (4 hrs)

Semester 5 (Spring)

  • NUR 815 Dissertation (6 hrs) 
  • NUR 818 Leadership in Higher Education (3 hrs)

Semester 6 (Summer)

  • *NUR 815 Dissertation (6 hrs)
  • NUR 822 Grant Writing (2 hrs)

Year 3
Semester 7 (Fall)

  • NUR 815 Dissertation (6 hrs)*

*NOTE: Students will either complete dissertation process during Semester 7 or continue to register for (1) semester hour of Dissertation from this point forward.  PhD students average 18-22 dissertation credit hours.  While some students have completed all program requirements in three years, most students complete the program in 4 years.


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