Pi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International

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Officers and Chapter Leaders

  • President: Dr. Daphnee Stewart
  • President Elect: Dr. Humberto Reinoso
  • Vice President: Dr. Omolara Fyle-Thorpe
  • Vice President at-Large: Dr. Brandon Frady
  • Secretary: Dr. Karen Maxwell
  • Treasurer: Dr. Lanell Bellury
  • Counselors: Drs. Pattie Troyan & Kathy Davis
  • Counselor at-Large: Marthalynn Rodriguez
  • Leadership Succession Chair: Dr. Tessy George
  • Governance Chair: Dr. Tammy Barbé
  • Webmaster: Dr. Andra Opalinski
  • Social Media: Caroline Moore
  • Fundraiser Chair: Open
  • Archivist/Awards Chair: Open
  • Research Chair: Dr. Tara Bertulfo
  • Membership Involvement Chairs: Drs. Linda Mason Barber & Seongkum Heo

Chapter History

From the inception of Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, a goal was to establish a nursing honor society and pursue becoming a Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). Most of the College’s faculty were already active STTI members and were profoundly aware of the many benefits of participation in STTI especially in the areas of scholarship and leadership development. The ideals, mission, and overall goals of the College were clearly in congruence with the purposes and goals of STTI. Thus, development of a nursing honor society and working toward chartering as a STTI chapter became an integral component of the College’s development.

Strategic planning for the nursing honor society commenced in 1991 with the College’s Honor and Research Committee obtaining guidelines from STTI for establishment of an honor society. Dean Susan S. Gunby enthusiastically supported efforts to develop a nursing honor society and formally granted approval for development of the honor society in the fall of 1992. The Nursing Honor Society held its first induction ceremony on May 3, 1993.

The Nursing Honor Society grew and flourished as the College of Nursing pursued its initial regional and nursing accreditation. In 1995, the Nursing Honor Society was invited to active participation in the Atlanta Area Consortium of Sigma Theta Tau International Chapters. In the fall of 1996, a scholarship/research fund was implemented with the long-term goal of providing final awards to support nursing scholarship and research.

On September 23, 1996, the Nursing Honor Society submitted an application to become a chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. Upon review of the application, the International Eligibility Committee notified the Nursing Honor Society that it had been approved for a site visit. In April 1997, Dr. Mary Lou Bond conducted the site visit, which concluded with her recommendation to the STTI Board of Directors that our Nursing Honor Society be approved for presentation to the STTI House of Delegates at the 1997 STTI Biennial Convention.

Members of the Nursing Honor Society enthusiastically initiated preparations to attend the Biennial Convention. Ten of the society’s members had either papers or posters accepted for presentation at the Convention. A total of seventeen members attended the 34th Biennial Convention, which was held December 2-6, 1997, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The generosity of member Elizabeth Perry allowed one student to attend the convention with all expenses paid. On Saturday, December 6, 1997, Dr. Sandra Rayburn, Honor Society President, and Dr. Linda Streit, Immediate Past President, presented the Honor Society’s Petition for Charter to the STTI House of Delegates. The petition was approved by unanimous vote of the House.

On May 18, 1998, the Nursing Honor Society was officially chartered as the Pi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. The Installing Officer was Dr. Pam Levi, RN, EdD, a director for STTI. The Nursing Honor Society had submitted a special request for Dr. Levi to serve as the installing officer because of her special relationship to the College of Nursing and Nursing Honor Society. Dr. Levi, Dean of the College of Health Sciences & Professor of Nursing Informatics at Georgia College & State University, is a Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing alumna. She provided support to the Nursing Honor Society during its development and throughout the charter application process. Additionally, the STTI Chapter at Georgia College & State University, Theta Tau, served as our mentor chapter.