Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students

Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students (GBANS) is the local chapter of the professional organization for nursing students. The College is proud of the participation of its students and encourages undergraduate students to become active members.  By virtue of admission to the College of Nursing, all prelicensure students are members of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and all affiliate state and regional organizations.

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Mercer University students from Georgia Baptist College of Nursing (GBCN) rocked Texas with their presence at the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) 65th Annual Convention held in Dallas, Texas April 5-9, 2017.  Over 25 students and faculty braved the weather challenges to engage in meetings and events surrounded by the convention themensna THINK BIG: Nursing on a Global Scale.  While one Mercer student currently serves on the NSNA Board (Senior, Christina M. Petty, Southern Election Area Nominations and Elections Committee), three junior students prepared speeches, campaigned at caucuses, and interacted with dynamic leaders in an effort to seek a ’17 – ’18 NSNA Board position.  Together with their campaign managers, they worked tirelessly to make their platform heard to voting delegates.  Congratulations to these students:

Keesha M. Bellamy – Director South
Student Campaign Managers: Catherine Jesson, Sierra Belcher

Jessica Holmes – Secretary/Treasurer
Student Campaign Manager: Molly Bracknell

Teressa Hill – Breakthrough to Nursing Director
Student Campaign Managers: Rachel Wadley, Nicholas Reynolds, Mammadou Sanon

NSNA AttendeesThrough campaigns and interactions, these young women have achieved personal milestones and achievements associated with their professional development.  In addition, all student attendees participated in sessions led by nurse leaders from the American Nurses Association, National League for Nursing, the Department of Health and Human Services, to name a few.  Teressa Hill, junior nursing student, applied and was awarded a helene fuld$3500 NSNA Helene Fuld Scholarship to further support her nursing education. Ashlea Shumpert served as a primary author for a resolution, which was passed by the House of Delegates by a 100% margin.  Katherine Tak promoted the resolution prepared by her peers (Jacquelyn Broad and Savannah Jones), which also received 100% support by House members. 

Ashlea Shumpert
RESOLUTION:  In support of encouraging safe-secure addresses for every nurse

Katherine Tak
  In support of expanding access to postpartum depression (PPD) education for the pregnant family

The state of Georgia wan the STATE EXCELLENCE AWARD for their outstanding contributions to nursing and the organization. 

Janna Strickland served as acting President in the absence of the GBANS President, who had a conflict.  Janna was instrumental in the overall organization of student attendees! 

The organization raised over $3800 in three days of fundraising at the convention!Senior NSNA

The College of Nursing holds status as a NSNA Stellar Chapter School; one of the first nursing programs to receive this distinction through 100% student membership, sustained ongoing involvement in NSNA, and a shared commitment to foster professional development of students.  

Faculty advisors to GBANS:  Fran Kamp, Emory Kent, Laura Madden, and Grace Lewis.

Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students (GBANS) Board:

The College is proud to have the following students serving on the 2017-2018 Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students (GBANS) Executive Board

President: Morgan Stanley
First Vice President:  Ray Greer
Second Vice President:  Joy Gray-Clayton
Secretary:  Molly Bracknell
Treasurer:  Avery Kemp
Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Yoldine Valery
NEC Director: Victoria Collins
Public RElations Director:  Julia Whitaker
Community Service Directors:  Kristen Fields & Erica Franklin
Legislative Directors:  Rebecca Sukumar & Katherine Tak
Fundraising Directors:  Merritt Tate & Teressa Hill
Membership:  Janay Gonzalez
Senior Class Representative:  Lenora McClellan
Junior Class Representative:  PENDING
SGA Rep:  Nicholas Reynolds
Webmaster:  Sydney Morfoot

Many thanks to the OUTGOING 2016-2017 GBANS officers:

President:  Marcella Marks
1st Vice President:  Collin Schalk
2nd Vice President:  Dylan McClendon
Secretary:  Sidney Anne Jones
Treasurer:  Courtney Frazier
Fundraising Co-Chairs:  Lindsay Hardwick & Laura Harvey
Community Service Co-Chairs:  Emma-Leigh Braemer & Dee Edwards
SGA Representative:  Heather Grafton
Director of Membership Involvement:  Natalie Escobar
Breakthrough to Nursing Director:  Gloria Watkins
Public Relations:  Emily Bone
Legislative Co-Chairs:  Jacquelyn Broad & Savannah Jones
Nominatingand Elections Chair:  Jabria Stinson
Senior Class Representative:  Shelby Wolfe
Junior Class Representative: Morgan Stanley
Webmaster:  Da&#’;Neya

GANS ~  Congratulations to GBCN 2016-2017 Board Members:

Lacey Evans - Secretary
Julia Weng - Community Health Director
Whitaker Ashlea - Legislative Director
Emily Thompson - West District Director
Victoria Collins - NEC West

Thank you to our outgoing 2015-2016 GANS representatives:

Monica Cahal GANS BOARD

- Publications and Media Director - Monica Cahal



Marcella Marks GANS Board





- Community Health Director - Marcella Marks



Sharon Smith GANS Board


- Nominations & Elections Committee West and Chair - Sharon Smith



K Fayad GANS Board


- West District Director - Kay Fayad

The following list represents awards received by GANS and NSNA during the most recent years:

Isabel Hampton Shumpert Leadership Award - 2011 GANS President, Maggie Robb (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing) and 2012 GANS President Jason Billings. TWO YEARS in a row for Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
Image of Nursing, Video Productions - 2011 - Submitted by Katie Quinn Adamack (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing) on behalf of GANS
Outstanding School Website Award - 2011 - Brett Thornton, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

Resolutions passed:

2016: In Support of expanding access to postpartum depression education for the pregnant woman and family throughout the pregnancy

State Awards
2016 - Community Service Award; Advisor of the Year (Professor Kamp); Banner Competition Award at Spirit Night

2016 GANS

2015 - Financial Excellence Award; Community Service Award