Family Nurse Practitioner

The Family Nursing Practitioner (FNP) specialty, prepared by nursing faculty at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing (GBCN), adheres to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), The Essentials of Master’s Education for Advanced Nursing Practice, 1996. The purpose of the FNP track is to build upon the foundation of baccalaureate degree in nursing and is based on theory and research in nursing and related disciplines. The FNP track will focus on the care for all members of the family with clinical experience in the areas of adult, the child, and women’s health. The current graduate program outcomes are:

  • Utilize research as a basis for decision-making in advanced practice and nurse educator roles.
  • Evaluate the socioeconomic and health care policy issues and trends that affect advanced practice and nursing education.
  • Provide leadership to promote effective change in health care delivery systems and nursing education through integration of advanced nursing knowledge and theories and principles of effective outcomes.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles of practice and decision-making. 
  • Cultivate a framework for advanced nursing practice encompassing professional integrity, Christian caring, and advanced nursing knowledge.
  • Demonstrate collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches in advanced clinical practice roles, research, and nursing education.
  • Incorporate knowledge of population based global health variants in provision of health promotion, disease prevention, and comprehensive care.

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